Sunday, 5 July 2015

Hey everyone hope you are all enjoying the sun
i warn you now guys this is a long one !
So this post is for the new mixed media challenge at

That Craft Place
As always for the mixed media it is anything goes
Just a little warning some might find the second make  little gruesome lol.
I had so much fun with this though I gotta tell ya, it all started with a teamie posting a status in the DT group saying ''to craft or not to craft '' and a comment from someone saying the imagined her with a decoupaged skull, well I know that Erin the original poster is a bit of a Walking Dead fan and so the idea seed was planted.
I borrowed one of the skulls from my daughters collection (don't ask lol)
I covered it in cling film as tight as I could get it, then I started covering it in strips of newspaper , leaving tiny open strip from forehead and over the skull all the way down the back using lots of pva glue, to make sure it kept the shape of the eyes nose and jaw etc I shaped some clay, wrapped it in more cling film and pushed it in till the glue was dry.
Once dry I removed the shaping clay and repeated the newspaper layering, I did this about 5 times.
Once it was completely dry, (this takes a good 24 hrs)
I used some really sharp scissors to cut the cling film up the open space, this will enable you to release the newspaper skull , it takes a bit of wiggling and you have to be quite rough.
Once you finally release it you will have to join it back together (which is why you don't want too big a gap) I use making tape then more newspaper and pva.
The next step is to stuff it with crumpled up newspaper to give a bit more strength (dry this time).
Make a base from cardboard and attach with more newspaper strips and pva, leave to dry.
Finally use a file to smooth any rough or sharp bits.
Ok now the fun bit, first paint with a layer of gesso, then acrylic paint (colour will depend on what you are going to so with your skull).

number 1

Ok so for this first one inspired by Erin, I took some of the tissue paper I got from TCP, cut to size and stuck it to a sheet of printer paper with a line of double sided tape along the top edge, I found pictures of the cast and zombies took them into my graphics program and made the roughly the same size, printed, Then roughly tore them out. I needed about 4 a4sheets.

I added the cast members first,
 then gradually filled in all the spaces with zombies, 
there is a pic of the whole cast on the back base of the skull and the title on the base.
and the title on the base.

To adhere the tissue I used..........I also used this as a final coat to give a nice seal all over

number 2

Now this one I did just forthe gruesome fun of itthough I'm sure some of you wont think it so lol

He is made exactly the same up until the acrylic paint, this time I used a fleshy pink, then watered down gesso to tone it down, over this I sponges layers of alcohol inks in.......... again watered down but using blending solution, and layers of watered down gesso gradually building up the colour to hopefully look like bone, i added some clay teeth,
an axe wound

and bit of grey matter showing through the bone

 I then mixed red acrylic with gloss acrylic medium to make blood, I sponged it into the eye sockets bad nose hole, the got lovely and messy by using my hand to cover the skull, I wanted the look of it being scalped, I'm quite pleased with the result.
So there you have my makes for this challenge I hope you like them
I am about to start on a new one for my daughter so I will do a photo step by step tutorial for you to have a go for yourself, they make tab Halloween decorations
Hugs xx
you can get the 
acrylic medium
acrylic paints
pva glue
matt glue seal and glaze
& clay
That Craft Place 

come on give it a go

and lets see your gruesome side over on the challenge blog 

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  1. Awesome projects Kay and the second skull is totally gruesome xx

  2. These are amazing! Fabulous!
    Linda xxx

  3. Fantastic !!!!! Love them XXXX

  4. Oh my goodness Kay, I can only imagine the fun you had creating these. The images on the black one look fabulous but I can't help thinking the second one needed to see a dentist, lol xx