Thursday, 27 November 2014

hey guys
well i said i would show you a the things iv been working on, or should i say playing at lol
a friend of mine gave me the idea for this one, so i made her one.
now i know nothing of harry potter having never seen or read any of the films or books so this was all done from pics on google. everything is made from paper, clay or cardboard.

this is the finished cabinet 

on the top shelf we have harrys letter of acceptance, some spell bottles, a map ( dont tknow the name of it) and a book,.these both open and are tiny replicas so as exact as i could get them.

on the middle shelf we have a history of magic book, a wand, a snitch, 
and some scrolls (which do open)

on the bottom is a spell cauldron and more scrolls 
monster book of monsters

sitting on top is a finding hat, and a dobbie? i have to say my sculpting leaves a lot to be desired but i did kind of fall in love with this odd little guy even if he is ugly lol .

then we have hedwig, this poor guy was finished and sat drying on the window ledge and my cat took a dislike to him! and i had to do a bit of a rescue on him....

and of course we had to have his broomstick.

the cabinet itself is made from cardboard saved from deliveries, accetat and the hinges are from tim holts grungboard, the keyhole i cut on my craft robo a few times and layered then it was all painted 
in acrylic paint, and finished with a couple of coats of varnish.

i hope you like it guys i had a lot of fun playing with this .

crafty hugs xx


  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am an avid Harry Potter Fan and read all the books and watched all the films. This is absolutely AWESOME! Everything you have created is so spot on and considering you haven't read the books or watched the films you have done an amazing job of replicating images from them. I am in AWE!
    Linda xxx

  2. I've seen this in the flesh.... its even more amazing in real life! !! ××××

  3. Incredible! Stunning! and then I'm lost for words!
    I bow to your crafty talent, and go hide under my duvet now lol
    So so clever honey xx

  4. Hi Kay this is stunning I love all the details you have added to this special project. Hugs Jackie