Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Visible Image Bookalike!

hey guys well its Wednesday and that means my 
dt post 
as i write this it is sitting next to me hopefully drying fast enough i can get a pic taken and on this post ready for the morning, its been one of those days, i was jogging along nicely and then i stuck the back part of the project on upside down and backwards...LOL so as i said take two is sitting here still wet!
so what is it  you must be wondering, well if its dry its this..

a bookalike storage for my stamps
iv made these before after seeing some ready made ones decorated on the graphics 45 blog, but being a little short on the old pennies i have made my own out of... yes you guessed it cardboard , hehehe.
so first i measured the stamp packet and then cut 2 squares just a little bigger than the packets, i covered them with some papers and added the stamping paint splatter and a little inking around the edges.
next i stuck the 2 pieces together with some card to make the spine of the bookalike,

 this is then rolled around a bottle or something to give it the bend, for the inside i cut 2 pieces of card and glued them onto a piece of paper leaving a small gap between for the fold, once this was dry i turned it over, using a strip of paper the same size as the first side i glued just the one panel to start with , once it was dry i then bent the other panel up to give the bend you need and glued the paper to this panel,( does that make sense?)
then i moved on to covering the inside of the cover, i added the lace to the panels first so the ends would be hidden behind the inside paper cover.
OK now the tricky bit, you have to take your folded piece and glue it to one side of the cover, then run glue along the other edge and fold over the cover and glue in place... ( this is where I'm at Right now lol).
once dry you can decorate a little more, and there you have it , a cute storage solution, i thought i could have one for each category of stamp and line them up along the shelf looking stylish ( i hope!).
oh forgot to Say i also printed the Visible Image Logo and the stamp category on the spine .

opps almost forgot this is wht it looks like inside

hope you like it..
hugs x 

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  1. Kay I love it, so worth all the nightmare. .brilliant idea ! X

  2. Yep definitely worth it :) this is fab Kay xx

  3. WOW this sure has been definitely worth it after your nightmare. I love it!
    Linda xxx

  4. What a superb idea - love your bookalike!! Great project - thanks for sharing!

  5. it's a great project and looks beautiful Kay.

    gr karin

  6. Fab project Kay :) and deffo well worth it :) xx