Tuesday, 15 May 2012

hello again
just thought i would post the next stage of the canvas.
havent had as much time today as i would have liked but ah well thats life lol
let me know what you think guys x


  1. WOW it is breathtakingly beautiful Kay and the colours which seem to have a pearlescent sheen to them are so rich and vibrant without being garish. I love it as it is but will keep popping back to see how it metamorphosizes . . .ermmm developes. xx

  2. stunning Kay love the colouring of the flowers xxxxxx eager to see the next stage xxnettie

  3. WOW Kay this is just stunning! I am loving the step by step stages you are showing us xxx

    Linda xxx

  4. This looks more and more amazing every day. I love the word background and the flowers are beautiful x

  5. It's fabulous Kay. The colours of the background and the pearlescent flowers (looks like you've got 3 japanese orchids there - am I right? or are they irises?) seem to be standing right out from it all. Gorgeous so far. I'd be perfectly happy with it as it is too. Will keep an eye on ya hon! Didn't realise I wasn't following your blog - tut, tut!

  6. Loving this so far. The script BG is fab